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Welcome to eagleUp 06/10/2011

Posted by eagleup in Eagle, Eagle'up, SketchUp.

Welcome to eagleUp website. If this is your first visit please check the installation page with a complete step by step tutorial on the setup. Then you can follow a tutorial on how to use eagleUp with the example provided.

For the model of your own project you will need some 3D parts. You can get them from the warehouse, or draw them yourself. It’s quick and simple. You can also import step files for the mechanical parts.

Feel free to leave a feedback in the comments or by email.

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1. M.Koutny - 27/01/2012

Very nice scripts allowing prepare very realistic 3D models of boards.
May I ask you if there is a possibilty to do an improvement of the ruby script to display component reference designator as entity name.
(I made simple stupid picture of that http://www.adrive.com/public/753e1c7bf4720bb40010d4b38416fdb2926658d4753c8e7b0105cfb92c7cd88d.html)

eagleup - 27/01/2012

Looks feasible. I am adding this to the coming 4.4

2. giltesa - 02/03/2013

Hello, congratulations on the project, is very useful!

I’ve been using EagleUp for a while but I have designed a new plate and does not work with it.
I give export in Eagle and then to import in Sketchup but the result is bad:

I’m using: eagle-win-6.4.0, SketchUp 8, ImageMagick-6.7.9-9-Q8-windows,
eagleUp 4.4

Can what be the problem?

Thank you!

eagleup - 02/03/2013

It looks like in several places the outline path is broken. Because of this Sketchup cannot extrude the board.
– check that your outline segments are joined properly in Eagle, try to move the corners and check the lines are following
– a couple of circles appear crossing the outline. this could be a problem as well, try removing them temporarily and see if it improves

giltesa - 02/03/2013

That quick response!

Thank you, it was that. The lines of layer dimension were not United, although it seemed that if.
Now it works perfectly: http://img.giltesa.com/images/493SNES_GamePad_Bluetooth.png

Thank you and congratulations again for your work!

eagleup - 02/03/2013

That’s a nice design with a complex outline

3. Mikael Sundin - 23/04/2013

Prefect script, easy to add new footprints :)
Keep up the good work.

4. Ashley M. Kirchner - 28/02/2014

Evidently this no longer works with SketchUp 2014 … I had to revert back to 2013.

eagleup - 02/03/2014

Thanks for the warning. Please follow the link for a quick fix :


5. saurabh gupta - 13/06/2014

Can i import 3D models in unity or unreal development kit to make my project for oculus rift , if 3D models of eagleup has supporting files format like .obj,.FBX,.3DS,.dxf etc for unity and file format .ASE &.TGA for unreal development kit.

eagleup - 13/06/2014

eagleUp simply “generates” Sketchup files. If Sketchup files can be imported into your dev kits then there should be no problem.
Sketchup “pro” version (and the evaluation version) can export .3DS :


For the others a quick google search indicates that some plugins exist so there is hope for your convsersions.

6. saaurabh - 19/06/2014

Thanks Jerome for your previous suggestion.But i want to know ,Can i make 3D image of PCB by using these 3 software or i need other’s.Actually i am interested to make 3D mobel of my PCB then assembled component on it and afterwards fix in a borad.

Ashley M. Kirchner - 20/06/2014

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve here, however SketchUp is a 3D design program. eagleUp simply converts the EagleCAD board file into a format that SketchUp can import. Anything after that it outside of the scope of eagleUp.

However, from SketchUp, you can export an STL file (I believe versions 2013 and 2014 can do that without the need for a plugin, however there are also free plugins for that if you need it.) And most 3D applications will import an STL file that you can then do whatever you want to.

7. saurabh gupta - 20/06/2014

Actually I want to make a project for oculusrift,so i need a content for it and i want to make my conent as you show in mini project video,but i have too many diffculties because i am enable to connect with warehouse due some reason as ‘get model’ tab of my skectup or certain other tabs enable to connect with internet.Also want to make 3D chip(or PCB) as you show in video with assembled components .
Can provide me any kind of video to such mini project you shows in video.If this thing is done then i am able to import my project on prepared in sketchup in .3ds and.FBX format.

8. saurabh gupta - 20/06/2014

Is EagleCAD a paid software? And How Can i make my board in it,Could you help me to solve my both of problem.

eagleup - 20/06/2014

Interesting project. But eagleUp is mainly for building 3d out of a PCB.
Your question is more general and I suggest you go on Sketchup forums to get expert’s answers.

9. Ashley M. Kirchner - 30/06/2014

Any particular reason eagleUp is telling me it can’t find an outline on this: http://www.ka4designs.com/DimLayer.jpg ? The Dimension layer is there, it’s a circle (created with the Circle tool), and there’s one part on the board. However, if I start out with a square drawn with the Wire tool, then I use the Miter tool to round all the corners so it’s a perfect circle again, then it exports just fine. What gives? Using EagleCAD 6.6 here with the latest ULP file for eagleUp.

eagleup - 30/06/2014

That’s correct, circles are not recognized as edges for a board. You can either draw arcs, or as you suggested start by a square that you bend until getting the circle (here you have 4 arcs).
(circles define inner contours such as holes or millings)

Ashley M. Kirchner - 30/06/2014

Gotcha. Good to know the workaround …

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