new version released

Dear eagleUp users,

version 4 has been released. Most of the import and export procedures have been automatized to simplify the process, so that you can focus in design, and not in the conversion 2D/3D.

With the version 4, you export from Eagle in 2 clicks, and import into sketchup in 3 clicks. No more tiring image creation and manual import necessary. Give it a try !

You can check the installation notes. You will find there the download of version 4.0

Then have a look at the tutorial. It only takes a few minutes to complete and shows the new features of eagleUp.

Thanks to Erik, this version should be Mac friendly. Please comment on any issue you find on your way.



9 thoughts on “new version released

  1. I’m a happy Fan/User of the previous version, this new version adds the needed polish and makes the whole process a lot slicker. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Brilliant, really happy to see that the new version made it into a official release, well done!

    Kindest regards,


  3. Thank you for your efforts on this guys 🙂

    Works perfectly on windows, will try later on OSX.

  4. Also works fine on OSX 🙂

    I wonder if the next version could have a feature to either places components on the board or leave them off? This is sometimes useful of you just want the board itself….

    You can delete the parts in SketchUp but generating board only from EagleUp might be a bit faster.

    Thanks again for the great software!

    • Great that it works both on Windows and OS X for you !

      If you are interested by the images, you can find them in the eagle project folder.
      If you really do not want the parts. Edit the eup file with any text editor and delete all the lines that begins by “package”.


  5. Cool project. But you know it’s useless without huge amount of high quality models. In my case (most components is thru-hole) plugin render just PCB.

    Maybe it’s possible to export (or smth.) existing models from Eagle POV-Ray?

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