eagleUp 4.5

With the introduction of Eagle 7.x it was time to refresh eagleUp.

First a few statistics. Since its initial release in 2010 eagleUp website had 500k page views and more than 30.000 downloads.

You can download eagleUp 4.5 on the installation page.

eagleUp 4.5 brings :

  • compatibility with Eagle 7.x
  • compatibility with Sketchup 2014
  • PCB and parts are grouped and placed on different layers for easier manipulation
  • faster import if you build the model a second time without exporting, by re-using the existing texture
  • faster import by adding copies of multiple parts
  • the EAGLEUP attribute can be used to ignore some parts : use any of the keywords NULL, N/A, DNE, DNI, DNP

eagleUp 4.5 uses the RBZ plugins of Sketchup. No more manual installation necessary! More details on the installation page.

Thanks Glenn for your ideas and code example. Thanks as well to all the users who reported issues and suggested features.

Please report any issue your encounter in the post comments.


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